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With your very own custom branded Google Chrome extension you can build your brand, collect leads, provide value, and drive sales.

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With CreateChromeExtension.com, You Will Get Your Own Custom Branded Google Chrome Extension that will allow you to build your brand, collect leads, provide value, and drive sales!

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You will be able to change your logo, video, banner ads, links, and send out push notifications from an easy to use backend portal at anytime.

Do I really get my very own Google Chrome Extension?

Yes. You will get your very own Chrome Extension. It will be yours. No one else will have it. It is not a shared extension that many people have. It is your very own Google Chrome Extension completely branded to you from the time someone visits the Chrome Store and downloads it, it is all branded to you!

How hard is it to update my content?

It is very easy to add video content, update your links, and change your banner ads from your backend portal.

Can I use this to sell different things?

You sure can! You can sell a different item ever week, if you want to! You can use the link page to sell multiple things, if you wish. You can use the push notification system to send out notifications to your users and even sell things that way, too!

Will this work for my niche?

Absolutely! We decided to build this full featured platform because we realize that it would be useful for nearly any niche! Affiliate marketers can use this to drive affiliate sales. Realtors can use this to educate potential leads on how to prep their house to sell quickly in the market or showcase new listing in their market. Dentists can use this to educate their patrons and get people back into the office. Lawn care professionals can use this to educate their clients about the lawn care and sell their services. Even dog walkers could use this! Basically, everyone benefits from personal branding, providing value, increased exposure, delivering branded content, and being able to own space on someone’s web browser (the most used thing on their computer). Yes, this will work for your niche! Unless you are lazy. Lazy people shouldn’t buy this. 😉

Does having my own Chrome Extension really help me?

Of course! You will have your very own software app available in the Chrome Store. With your extension, you can collect leads, create a brand, promote your brand, deliver valuable content, and even drive sales! You will even be able to send out push notifications to your users while they are surfing the internet!

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Get your fully, custom branded chrome extension. Your Google Chrome extension will have it’s own unique name, icon, logo, everything!


Add your video sequence inside our easy to use portal. Even add a custom banner ad and link for each video: so, you can drive more sales.


Add any links you want to your link page. Your users can quickly and easily find these links inside the software. Update these in real time at any time.


You can either share or sell your fully branded chrome extension to your audience and get free advertising space on their web browser.


Schedule and send out your own custom push notifications that your users will see while they are using the internet. Enjoy FREE marketing!


By providing branded, valuable content you are building your brand, creating brand awareness, and are able to drive more sales, too!

Our Customers Trust Us

This software not only helped change the dynamics of my business, but also my friendships!
Friend Getter - Diesel McClain - Ok Ned Review | OkNed.com
Diesel McClain
It has always taken too much time to grow my business correctly. This is so easy to use.
Friend Getter - Joe Kuskie - Ok Ned Review | OkNed.com
Joe Kuskie
I needed to get my offers out there with increased engagement. These tools allowed me to do that automatically!
Friend Getter - Lance Watters - Ok Ned Review | OkNed.com
Lance Watters


Get your very own custom branded Google Chrome Extension!

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